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Wine Farm Wandering

"GOOD Goes Wine Tasting"

Fancy a glass of wine as we enter 2022?
Us too!

Good Clothing is your wine-stop shop for outfits suited to wandering through vineyards, tasting new blends and chatting on the grass with friends old and new.

You're a Chardonnay fan? We find the rich and creamy notes of our Spring Blouse pair effortlessly,
but should you prefer a drier Sauv Blanc, then a crisp Minimal Shirt, worn open with a cami underneath is an easy win.

For the red wine drinkers, the spicy nose on our Tropical Collage Tea Frill Dress accompanies a Shiraz beautifully,
while the super easy-drinking Tangerine Athene Jumpsuit partners up with your filled glass of Merlot.

Bubbles, anyone?
Let's celebrate the cuvée that is the MC Jungle Kimono and head into 2022 with filled hearts and glasses!

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