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Our Story

GOOD Clothing was created in Cape Town in 2008 by Marian Park Ross, and is affectionately referred to on this page - and in real life - as “GOOD".

Based on principles of intentional design and effortless style - with a nod to prevailing trends - GOOD has consistently offered women of all ages clothing that is easy-to-wear, comfy and flattering. Inspiration for a collection stems directly from the GOOD customer: a woman who is aware of fashion, but is by no means a slave to it, she quite simply wants to look GOOD! Fabrication is of the highest consideration and while plains serve as a trusty foundation, print is where the GOOD stuff happens.

Print brings joy! It is entertaining for our eyeballs to behold, evoking emotions which can include amusement, calm, love, grooviness – imagine the possibilities!  We wholeheartedly believe clothing can be a powerful wellness tool. 

When combined with one of GOOD's anticipated annual local artist collabs, clothing becomes wearable art - a story you carry with you.

The GOOD Team includes Marian, Klarette, Ashley, Chloe, Cathy & Fouwaaz and together they are passionate about contributing to local industry and creating and keeping much-needed jobs inside South Africa. A campaign was started to support this - LOVEZABUYZA - with its' film, The Good Dress winning a Mercedes Benz Bokeh International Fashion Award for Best Sound 2015.

Meet the Team 

Marian is GOOD’s founder and creative director, as well as founder and owner of beloved Cape Town based boutique Mungo & Jemima, established as the retail arm of the brand. First appearing on Cape Town’s Long Street scene in 2008 and stocking GOOD’s collections alongside a variety of local labels, M&J is today found in the newly renovated Alfred Mall in the V&A Waterfront.                                 

Question: What is your hope for the clothing industry in SA?
Answer: My hope is for South Africans to realise that buying local is the only way to re-grow our industry so heavily damaged by imports. The big retailers switching to produce in Ch*na has shrunk the industry so catastrophically that it no longer becomes a trade that people see a future in (W**lw*rths was always such a massive local producer and moved to the East when a new CEO - not a South African - made the decision to place profits above people and the good of the country). Skills are being lost as older, skilled machinists and other craftspeople are not being replaced by younger ones coming up behind them. My hope would be for either imports to become more heavily taxed, forcing production back to SA, or for the big players to realise what a difference bringing production back could make, or for South African consumers to apply the pressure with their spending. 

Boss-Fact: Marian’s sister Louise Park Ross is the beloved stylist and content queen extraordinaire, Loving the Look Babe.

Klarette is head designer, pattern maker and patient production manager. She measures twice and cuts once, and is exactly the kind of person you want paying attention to the fit of your GOOD Clothing. She handles the arduous manufacturing process with grace, much to the admiration of the rest of the team.

Question: You’ve worked at GOOD for 7 years, what is the most worn item of Good Clothing in your wardrobe?
Answer: Skinny Smarty Pants in our pink cats print. 

Klarette-gazette: She leaves a chocolate in her left desk drawer on Fridays, for her Monday self to find.

Ashley heads up the marketing team and is junior designer and pattern maker at GOOD. Her eye for art direction and love for a punny caption inspire her stories, reels, and posts. She is responsible for dreamlike shoot sets and the visual merchandising seen in the windows of Mungo & Jemima. We can also thank her for the Ashley Pants.

Question: What’s your fave app?
Answer: Inshot - a video editing app. With Instagram primarily pushing video content, Inshot is way more user-friendly than trying to edit a video in Instagram itself (it's rookie-proof).

Newsfl-ASH: Ask her what she's up this weekend and it will be either climbing a sheer rock face in the karoo, trailrunning the cedarberg, or practising her scuba in Sodwana. 

Chloe is GOOD’s customer relationship manager, copywriter and head of
the functional storage and re-organization of literally anything. She cheerfully navigates the rapids of customer service, and collaborates with Ashley to achieve catchy and informative posts and email mailers, finding a GOOD home for her flowery words. 

Question: Who is GOOD's customer?
Answer: She loves a laugh, is honest and friendly and will be forever loyal as long as you treat her right. She knows how to use clothing and print to elevate her mood during tough times. 

Quid Pro-Chlo: Must try it on! 

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