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Amy Ayanda Collaboration

“Each piece is a painting” Marian Park Ross 

This summer 2022/23 GOOD will showcase another exciting local artist collaboration, turning clothing into wearable art. 

Never before has this sentiment rung so true. 

Multidisciplinary artist Amy Ayanda is inspired by the Cape’s fynbos and flora, and renders her profound love for home in dappled brights and pastels, capturing the beauty and diversity of our landscape. 

For this special partnership, Amy shared three artworks as the basis for the collection - we’ve named them Pink Peacock, Pink and Orange Floral and Flower Vases. The GOOD print elves then extracted elements from each work and manipulated them in various ways to create the 8 prints you’ll see in the collection.

A very important note on the Pink Peacock & Blue Peacock prints: 

Each Peacock print was blown up and printed on rolls of rayon fabric, the artwork spreading across 185cm of length and 140cm width, before the print repeats continually until the end of the fabric roll.

When you purchase a piece in either Peacock print, please understand that your garment will look unlike any other made - it is totally unique! What you are buying is a portion of the full artwork, the colour palette and overall essence. 

Please take a look at the images of the full prints provided on product pages for perspective.

We hope you love it as much as we do.